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A traumatic past does not have to define your future. It is possible to connect to your higher self to heal your wounds, become your best self, rewrite your past, and reclaim your power.
In a captivating personal story that represents light, self-love and hope, Karen Schultz shows us how she relied on courage and strength to move past the obstacles and the dark parts of her history. She shares her experiences, and takes you on her journey from wounded to wonderful. She has been able to manifest the life she dreamed of for herself. Little Karen offers you a glimpse into her metaphysical encounters with an Egyptian Priestess who shows her love, teaches her to become a priestess-in-training and helps her to emerge as a spiritual and wise woman with a purpose. Find out how the Priestess guided Little Karen to the source of her true strength, and how she was able to overcome the fear that she was not worthy of a better future. She shares life lessons and tips to empower others on how to connect to the soul of the Priestess and move from the darkness to achieve a brighter, happier life.
Charming, deeply transparent, and filled with practical teachings, Little Karen and the Egyptian Priestess provides encouragement for anyone who feels their past casts too deep a shadow over their present or future.